Our mission is to connect Vietnamese companies to the world.

FBMC Limited is an organization that fulfills many tasks related to motorbikes,
mainly “Certificate acquisition work is fully compatible with overseas departmental certification system”.

In the primary certification acquisition business,
We have a top class track record in Asia. So that Vietnamese manufacturers can be proactive in the world,
We are proud that we are strengthening their operations.

Satisfying customer needs

Quality is the most important factor for customers to trust an export motorcycle company. Our company is committed to providing high-quality motorcycle products that meet all customer needs.

To ensure the quality of motorcycles, we always focus on selecting reputable manufacturers. Our manufacturers all have modern production lines, use genuine parts, and have a strict quality management process.

We also apply a strict quality control process according to international standards. All exported motorcycles are carefully inspected before leaving the factory, ensuring that the motorcycle meets the highest quality.