Our mission is to connect Vietnamese companies to the world. CONTACT BUSINESS FBMC Limited is an organization that fulfills many tasks related to motorbikes,mainly “Certificate acquisition work is fully compatible with overseas departmental certification system”. In the primary certification acquisition business,We have a top class track record in Asia. So that Vietnamese manufacturers can be […]

For requests and consultations, please feel free to contact thorugh the form at the page bottom. Person in charge will reply. For telephone inquiries, please use the number below.​ Tel:+84-0862909788 Business hours 7:00~5:00(Viet Nam time) Inquiries by phone CONTACT FORM BUSINESS COMPANY

COMPANY CONTACT We support component certifications by one stop service. We support component certifications by one stop service.FBMC Company Limited is an organization that responds to a wide range of medical and automobile-related tasks, mainly “Certification acquisition work fully compatible with oversea parts certification system”.In the main certification acquisition business, we have a track recordin […]

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